Sunday, September 28, 2008

Killing a leopard cub slowly, painfully

Carte Blanche, M-Net, showed how a three months old leopard cub got caught in a very cruel metal claw trap that penetrated the cub’s front paw right to the bone. The little animal dislocated his shoulder trying to pull its claw free. It was caught in the trap for three days before someone cared to check on it. The cub was in the most terrible agony while its mother frantically remained by its side. How can humanity be so cruel? How can people be so without any feeling?

How could a conservation department allow this type of cruelty to happen and to have used it themselves in the past?

Perhaps farmers living near game farms should be encouraged to farm with something other than live stock if they cannot find humane ways of discouraging wild animals from straying onto their farms.

I have watched the agony of my own cats when we had to give her kittens up for adoption. The agony of a mother, watching helplessly how her young suffers, must tear into her very being.

Stories like this make me ashamed to be human.

Perhaps humanity deserves the famines and other plagues that sweep over our globe.

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