Friday, November 27, 2009

A Global Warming Post 27-11-2009

When we cast our eyes above to the vast expanse of the night sky we seem to look into eternity.

When we consider the depths of the earth we see the remnants of the earth’s past, in the molten rock formed during fires of destruction and recreation.

The precious stones and metals that delight humanity today, is the purest remnants of life long past.

What sort of crystals and metals will this generation leave to be discovered by the earth dwellers of the future?

Do we even consider the poisons we think we hide beneath the see and under ground?

If the poles are to shift and parts of the sea uncover an underwater world that was once the dumping site of nuclear waste; what effect will it have on the life of the earth?

How many unnecessary dormant years will have to pass before life on earth will be able to regenerate again? What inherent weaknesses will remain in DNA of earth dwellers in the distant future?

Will we follow in the footsteps of the Atlanteans, which according to legend destroyed the earth, because they used advanced crystal technology to gain supremacy?

Will we do the same with nuclear power?

What will happen when an earthquake uncovers buried radioactive material and leaks it into the water table or the atmosphere?

What precious metals will this generation of humanity push to the surface millions of years from now?

Will we once again be known as a race of people who destroyed the earth?

Do we even care?

Written by Ex Unitate Vires 27 November 2009

About the photograph:

If you look closely you may see see images of faces or little people in the picture.
it is as if the old tree is home to nature spirits.

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