Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Killing rabbits without conscience

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10,000 Rabbits are being killed on Robben Island because they destroy the local indigenous vegetation. They have no predators are growing at a rate that can no longer be supported by the small island.

If these rabbits are disease free, why kill something that can be farmed for food in a continent where so many people are dying from hunger?

Why kill rabbits during the breeding season?

Killing a female, who has a litter of young in a barrow, will cause the sucklings to die from starvation, Just like so many people in Africa do. Do we need any more cruelty and suffering on this continent?

I would suggest that the rabbits on Robben Island be caught and placed in a breeding sanctuary to become food for starving African people and wild animals in captivity.

Rabbits should be caught during low breeding times and each rabbit should be examined to determine if she is suckling young before being removed.

It has came to my attention that when the Tars, from Table Mountain, were killed a drug that paralyses the muscles, but not necessary the consciousness were being used. The poor Tars were consciously dying of suffocation.

Humanity needs to cultivate a global consciousness.

We need to find global solutions to local problems. We can no longer afford to create waste and glut in one area and poverty and starvation in another. We should all be global role players and put our differences aside and help one another to farm this globe.

Global humanitarian organizations should support projects that can provide long-term solutions rather than feed people for a day at a time.

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Carol said...

If we could rid the world of dictators who live off their people like leaches...we could do that.