Thursday, July 19, 2007

The world may be crazy

Mallard ducks killed

Some time ago I read in one of our local free newspapers that the Cape Nature Conservation department planned to kill all the Mallard ducks, our beautiful colourful ducks because they are considered alien. In response the Conservation department made us believe that the ducks
would be caught and relocated, if possible. (anyway that is what I understood)
I found out today that they were killed also. A few that escaped the avian genocide were spotted by some of the residents and they are doing their best to keep their location from duck murderers.
The reason for the killing of these beautiful ducks was that it was believed that they interbreed with the local duck species and they also compete with the food supply.

From my own observation it seems that the local ducks find it even more difficult to raise their chicks because with fewer ducks in the area, their chicks fall prey to predators. It is sad when I here a reports of twelve gosslings being hatched then after a week the numbers dwindled to three and then later to none.

With the eradication of the trees in the area, the hunting grounds are open. There are fewer places for the ducks to hide.

The world frowns on separate development among people - equal rights for all people are the motto.
"This could make an interesting topic for a debate. Separate development among animals but not humans"

Why can this rule not apply to birds and ducks? . Does it matter if the ducks interbreed as long as they are happy and able to adapt to the changing weather conditions? and are able to do the things ducks like to do?

The animal kingdom will have to adapt to withstand global warming. Perhaps the toughest will survive.

Personally I think to preserve species a global conservation department should come into action. As weather conditions change in an area, the life that will best survive in that area should be introduced and some of the existing plants and animals should be placed in the type of climate that best suits them - wherever it may be on the globe

It has been suggested before that if we eradicate all the tough alien vegetation, weeds, birds and animals, we may be killing the species that will have the best chance to survive global warming?

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