Saturday, August 18, 2007

Confusion about the Rietvlei Nature Reserves in Africa

The Cape Rietvlei (wetlands) Reserve has a brother in Gauteng.

This can confuse visitors.

Lets clear up the confusion.

Here are the links – Check them out.


Birding in Rietvlei




Table view, Cape Town:


Visit Cape Town

Friends of Rietvlei


Bird Watching

There are no large animals at the Rietvlei Wetlands Nature Reserve in Cape Town.

Tourists can become confused if they rely on a web-search for information.

The Above links to the two areas have been separated

The Rietvlei Wetlands Reserve is in a process of transformation, as the trees are at present being removed to create an indigenous fynbos vegetation area.

The bird species that have been visiting the vlei may change as the habitat changes. At present, the place is a mess but will still be of interest for recreation and birding. See Milnerton Aquatic Club

The best view of Table Mountain is still to be viewed from here.

Tourists can obtain a seasonal membership at MAC Club and enjoy a drink while viewing the sunset over Table Mountain from the windows of the club’s comfortable pub.

Or just go for a safe stroll in nature. The area is completely fenced and is very safe.

Remember to take a hat or sun umbrella in the summer as there will be no shade to protect you from the sun.

Day visitors to the nature area are welcome for fishing, bird watching, boating, or a picnic with the family.

The area is well worth visiting and a small area of indigenous fynbos garden, which has been planted by the municipality a few years ago, is an example of how the vlei may look in the future.

Even with the surrounding houses in clear view, the area is still very peaceful.

Artificial watering of the dusty flood plain during the dry summer .months may be a distraction.

You may wish to check with MAC Club if the pumps are running to avoid the noise pollution.

The mountain view over the water is magnificent. Sometimes the water is like a mirror giving a double image to Table Mountain and the clouds above. Beautiful!

Ps. Remember Africa has two southern points also.

Cape point is the most Southern POINT of Africa but Cape L’Agulhas is the actual most Southern geographic Area of Africa. Both have their own unique beauty.

Tourists can visit both.


Thinus said...

Hi, interesting post. Yes, I've had many people actually correcting me that Rietvlei is in the Cape as opposed to being in Gauteng.

I live very close to Rietvlei, Gauteng (11km), and love to go there. There are indeed some larger animals like Zebras and Rhino. Have never been to Rietvlei in the Cape, but are packing my kayak, hiking boots and bino's when I'm visiting in December for the first time!

Be sure to read my post about it when I get back!

African Nature, Animals and Birds said...

The phone number there is 0215575509 (at the gate) Good Luck.

The water Ranger at Rietvlei, Cape started his own blog at

MAC Club also has a web-cam at