Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lion killers plead to the South African government

Lion hunters in Africa should change their guns for cameras. Rather put a beautiful photograph of a lion shot, in the wild, by camera on your wall than the stuffed head of one that was bread in captivity and lived in over crowded conditions all it's life.

It is a pity that government decisions crumble under psychological attack.

Rich tourists want to come and kill our lions for a hunting experience and now South African game farmers are putting pressure on the government to allow them to do so.

The government wants lions to have a life of two years in freedom in the wild before allowing them to be killed. Some heartless game farmers want to breed lions and rear lions in captivity, in mostly overcrowded and cruel conditions for one reason only, and that is to be shot by tourists who like killing animals for sport.

The type of tourist who wants to visit South Africa to kill our lions, the symbol for Africa, is the type that we can do without. They are rich individuals who have their greedy eyes on destroying our heritage. Animals have rights too, and we need to protect them, not exploit the few who are left.

Job losses' are always an emotional argument. It is used every time someone wants to destroy or exploit our natural heritage for profit.

Before any farmer comes to the table to argument their case for lion hunting, they should bring their taxation documents to prove how much South Africa benefits from the killing of lions. And also have their BEE status in order.

If they feel that they do not have enough money to change their concerns to that of one where tourists can come and view the African big five, then perhaps they can approach some of our BEE partners to help them financially. There must be BEE millionaires out there who would like to partner a concern who want to preserve our wildlife. I am sure running a game farm where education and service is the main element, is just as much job friendly.

People who kill animals for pleasure deserve to go bankrupt. They are scum.

Overseas visitors who visit game farms should insist that the farms they visit does not partake in canned lion hunting.

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