Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Cape Garden 2 April 08

April garden update.

It seems to be a time of regeneration in my Cape garden.

I found a shell of a bird’s egg that hatched during the night or late yesterday. I think it is a dove egg, but I am not sure. It is amazing how small they are when they hatch. On the opposite end of the garden two dove chicks that hatched on April 1 still remain near the tree where they hatched. The parents are still feeding them.

At first light this morning I saw the silhouette of two chameleons interacting. By the time I got my got my camera, they just moved away from each other. They are perfecting camouflaged. I did not know I still have chameleons in our garden.

About a year ago my neighbor removed a hedge of honeysuckle. I know there were chameleons in the hedge so the next morning I went and see if I could find any before the collectors came to remove the branches. I rescued about nine and put them in my garden.

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