Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Cape Town Garden 8 June 2008

8 June 2008

My Garden

My garden is so happy after the rain. It looks as if the plants are smiling.

It always amazes me how the sandy soil of the Cape, do not absorb the water, like when I lived in Brisbane with its clay soil.

In Brisbane one can stick anything in the soil and it will grow. Here in Cape Town new plants need much nurturing.

Rainwater just does not penetrate the sand. When I dig a few inches deep, it is pure dry sand. I loose more plants in winter than in the summer. I always think the soil is wetter than it is.

There were two dead doves in my garden this morning. I checked that the blue-green algae at the vlei are not in bloom. I believe that birds can die if they eat the toxic algae.

Well, it is not in bloom, so the only thing I can think may have caused their deaths are either that someone put snail poison in their gardens, that kid with the BB gun wounded them or they died from the cold.

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Alison from Cape town said...


I share your gardening frustrations! I live in a very sandy area in Cape Town and the soil is almost 'oily' in its water-repelling properties.

And let's not even mention the hot winds of summer!

I have taken to using a wetting agent (bio-friendly) when I am planting new stuff and nurturing it into life.

It's also good to plant in late autumn, or j u s t before spring arrives, so that things can get their roots down and get growing before the heat of summer.