Sunday, August 31, 2008

My garden, 31-8-2008

My garden, 31-8-2008

After an early spring with the daisies appearing early and the birds breeding out of season, it seems that winter decided to complete its cycle. Spring stood back again and we just had three days of the worst winter weather we can have with rain, wind and hail. It is said that there is snow on the mountains again. In my garden I see the evidence of the cold snap.

One of the early bird nests blew out of the tree, with chicks, one week away from leaving the nest. The parents decided to peck them to death, before ripping the nest apart.

My husband climbed up the ladder to strengthen the other nest containing chicks.

It is a miracle they survived the cold spell so long.

In the back garden I see evidence of eggs that fell from nests. There are no chicks to be seen, because a stray cat visits that part of the garden.

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