Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frustrated dogs

We went to the beach this weekend and saw for the first time a lot of angry frustrated dogs on leads.

Dogs also need the freedom to play and run.   Some of them love the water.
They are like little children.   Keeping them tied up on such a large playing field is cruel and frustrating for them.   It can turn a friendly natured pet into one that is frustrated, angry and vicious.

If the only reason that animals should be kept on leads is for the safety of beach goers, then perhaps the municipal law should allow for animals run and play on the beach if they are wearing muzzles.

Draft dog by-law

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Jonathan said...

And if one looks down at ones feet whilst walking on our beaches, it takes no more than a few seconds to start seeing the many decaying objects left upon these beaches by man. The new laws restricting animals and their freedom are brought about by a bigoted and intolerant society that is heading steadily towards its own well deserved and extremely unpleasant demise. To complain about dog mess and problems on our beaches is to turn a blind eye to the massive environmental impact that every human likfe has upon this planet. Sad days