Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are killing the earth

Africa can no longer sustain the human tide that devours everything in its path, while like locusts or parasites it plunders all natural resources in its path.
The majority of Africans take from the earth without giving anything back in return
It is no good to just to reduce pollution and waste.  We need to heal the earth.

Every living thing needs healthy food, clean oxygen rich air and clean healthy water to survive.
It is no longer good enough to stop waste and to recycle; we need to actively heal the land, water and air we breathe.
Humanity is sick.  Humanity dies from infections like aids, TB and the various flue viruses.
Even our food (swine flu, mad cow disease) is infected.

Infected people deposits polluted waste products into the soil and water.   When they die their infected bodies are buried into the ground.

The ground itself is contaminated.  People die from cancer and do not know where they get it from.  We eat food that grows on decaying diseased pollution.

Toxic wastes are deposited into the air, or are buried into the ground, and because we can not see it we think it causes no harm.

Have you ever considered that the earth itself needs to be fed and needs to breathe and needs a clean water supply to sustain life?

The byproducts of nature heals the earth, while the byproducts of human occupation poisons it.

For the earth to heal and for people to grow healthy immune systems again we need to correct the balance of nature to human occupation.
We need to actively heal the earth.
Humanity is physically dying in front of our eyes.
How long will antibiotics have any effects against viruses?
How much stronger can we mix antibiotics to fight viruses before the antibiotics start killing the people it is supposed to cure?  It is already happening right now!

We need to heal the earth so that the earth can sustain human life.  So that the food we eat strengthens our immune systems.

We need to clean our air so that it contains the amount of oxygen again that will destroy germs.
A decrease of oxygen in the air means an increase of harmful organisms.
Poisonous particles in the air replace oxygen.  This is serious; humanity is poisoning the very land we need for the survival of the specie.

It is no longer good enough to just recycle and hide toxic waste.

We need to drastic reduce the birthrate in areas where humans are overpopulated.
One baby per every two humans will gradually reduce the imbalance and decrease toxic waste.

We need to feed the earth, clean the waters and purify the air and remove the buried toxic waste; 
Before nature enforces its own protective mechanisms against the human invasion.
We need to spend money to introduce earth healing strategies.
We must stop the burying of toxic wastes and diseased human carcasses.
We need to stop pouring human and chemical waste into our waterways, sea and air.

Before the earth dies, it will kill humanity.
Be warned!

Information about the photographs:
  • First photograph: - rubbish deposited into stormwater drains running into the sea.
  • Second photograph: - One can see the layer of pollution in which er live and breathe.
  • Third photograph: - waste being cleaned from the beach.  Much of it has been dumped by ships in our waters.
  • Squatters occupying every bit of spare land.  Every bush hides illegal residents.   Their waste remains long after they stripped the area from wildlife and moved on.

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