Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some dogs are lucky.

While standing here looking at my dog sleeping nice and warm under her blankets, dreaming her doggy dreams; oblivious of the cold, icy and rainy conditions outside.
She is a lucky dog with her basket by a window overlooking the front entrance to the house.
From her vantage point she can tune in on any activity going on in our house.
She is special because she is our only dog and shares her animal superiority with one other -- Amber the cat.

My mind wonders back to all those backyard dogs out there having to find shelter from the rain and cold. The lucky ones will have a shed or dog box where they can stay dry.

There are many other tied up dogs that are obtained for one purpose only and that is to bark at intruders. Some of them spend their lives tied to a pole and gets fed when someone remembers to do so. Many people go on holiday without considering the welfare of their dogs.

Like people, dogs shiver when cold, they feel the cold, and they have emotions and feel pain. Dogs, like people need love and care to thrive.

A dog will cry when he is unhappy. Sometimes a forgotten dog will cry for days, until one day they realize that crying only spends energy then they just suffer in silence, devoted till death.
A faithful skeleton till the end.

My dog was found by Blaauwberg Animal Trust. She was born at a squatter camp and on New Years Eve 2006, someone from the camp put her into a plastic shopping bag and tried to exchange her for booze money. He wanted R120 for her.
When the police was called they said that there was no law against selling dogs at street corners; since dogs did not fall under the category of livestock. It is illegal to sell livestock on street corners, but not dogs.

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