Saturday, February 26, 2011

Removing giant trees from Rietvlei, Cape

At Rietvlei, Giant trees are felled and relocated elsewhere. We are not told where?   Even though these trees were planted in a boat park, many ducks and birds used to nest in and around them.   The ‘Friends of Rietvlei’ supported the removal of all the big trees at Rietvlei because they were alien, without considering the fact that the Fisheagle will not have a perch to sit on.   These large trees could have been re-planted in Rietvlei (Cape) to provide a perch for the Fisheagles.   Why were they not?

Who benefited financially from these trees?   They are worth over a thousand Rand each.
Where have they been relocated?
Could that money in any way compensate for what is lost in our reserve?   The Fisheagles are still without a perch.

One should think that a conservation department would design a building around trees that is over hundred years old.

Our conservation departments are turning into glorified bush cutters.
They are blinded by a fynbos folly.   They remove the habitat of wildlife without doing an impact study.

At Rietvlei the shady natural safe bush land has been turned into a grass and reed land.
It is too hot to enjoy in the summer and floods in the winter.  
However, The view of the mountain in the backdrop is as always beautiful.  Wildlife and plants will use whatever there is to use.  People see the efforts of Mother Nature to restore harmony, and it is so beautiful.  They are often not aware of the amazing that has been lost.

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