Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why do we murder animals

Animals, today, seldom live until their bodies expire from old age.

We kill animals for food.
We kill animals for sport.
We kill animals for their skins and teeth (leather, fur and ivory)
We kill animals for experimentation
We kill animals for medication.
We kill animals out of neglect.
We kill our pets because they no longer fit into our lifestyles.
Elderly people are forced to have their animals killed because they enter retirement homes.
We kill animals because there are no facilities for them when we go on holiday.
We kill animals because we cannot afford their medical bills.
We kill animals because we do not care.
We kill animals because they become a nuisance when they grow old.

While humans have no respect for fellow humans animals will suffer.

While there is poverty in the world animals will suffer.

While money is seen as the most important element in the world, all living beings will suffer.

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