Sunday, June 17, 2007

We murder animals

The future of wild animals in Africa are under threat. There is a tendency to expect animals to earn their keep.

There is no less pain involved when an animal gets killed for food instead of by a bullet for sport.

While humans feel the distorted need to hunt animals for sport, then let it at least form part of a natural feeding and population control process of animals living freely in the wild.

Allow animals to live a natural life span of at least five years outside in their natural habitat

Stop cruel canned hunting and forced animal breeding practices; rather increase the price tourists have to pay to hunt wild animals.

Let punishment for poaching and unlawful killing of animals measure up to kidnapping and murder of humans.

Carcasses of killed animals that are not needed for human consumption should be returned for the feeding of wild animals to minimise the need for them to hunt for food.

Create an international green star rating for game reserves that operate with the holistic well being of animals in mind.

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