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Dogs need home - Cape, South Africa

Hi, I’m sending this to you because you are an animal lover – if you are unable to help by adopting either of these two dogs, please forward on to other animal lovers you know.

Thanks so much!


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Hi shirley, my sister helped with this so i hope its ok now.

Moto is the jack russel. Geordie, the staffie.

Geordie is the most docile lovable dog u could ever hope to own. He suffers from epilepsy which is under control with medication. the meds cost around R45.00 per month. They are a small white tablet which he takes quite willingly, - 6 in the morning and 7 in evening. They make him thirsty so water at all times if very important. They also make him a little hungry so I feed him titbits of fruit and vegie whenever I can. He requires a diet high in good fat which is why I give him Vets Choice which has the highest fat content in dog food, and also any fatty fish or other good titbit every now and then. Geordie loves (obsessed) his walks and if he could he would put his own harness on :-). He is a sun worshipper and will always look for the sun spot. He loves water, so if their is a pool he will be in the water on the first step! He is just learning to do doggie paddle so always make sure someone is around when he is in the water. He does tend to overheat in summer, so water in some way is vital. He listens very well and has a small heart so any shouting or meanness really hurts him emotionally. He really is just a ball of sweetness.

Moto, on the other hand is very different. He is a very strong willed character (as Jack Russels are) but maybe more so. He has a great sense of humour and also loves water although only from a hose. He does not like swimming. He is an absolute sucker for cuddling and even when no one wants to cuddle him, he will get under his blanket and wrap himself up :). Comfort comfort comfort! He is very, very loyal and may find one person that he will be closer too than others although this does not mean that he will be

overprotective to the point of jealousy. I think in my case, he just likes to think of himself as my "other half", so thought he had certain privileges! He is very vocal, which means that he tends to growl to voice his opinion, but his new family must not perceive this as a threat as it is a non threatening growl and I know they will come to understand this when they get to know him.

Both my boys are super friendly. Have never been threatening or bitten anyone. Love attention and give love back a hundred fold. They grew up with cats, so even if they run after a cat, it will just be to give them a fright. Unfortunately for Moto, when we moved to my mother, my sisters two cats where rehomed there and they had never been brought up with dogs, so when my

two boys came bursting in Moto was swiped by the one and from that day forward I have been unable to calm Moto down for other cats. He does not like cats anymore and will go for one if the family has one. He only likes his "brother cat".

Children are not a problem, in fact both dogs prize children as my niece and nephew always played with them when they where around, so they kinda love them for the attention that they get from the children. Although for Gordy's size, he can be a bit boisterous as he jumps alot and can bump a child over. Thats the only downsize to Gordy really, is he doesn't understand his own strength, so he gets excited and forgets he is so big.

Both my boys listen really well even though they have never been formally trained. Although when Gordy is sniffing something, he might take his time responding and Moto for just being who he is, will propably ignore you sometimes because he feels like it at that time, like a naughty child. Moto will test you to see what his limits are, so the family must be constant in their things that they don’t want him to do. Gordy is a good walker on the lead and off, Moto tends to pull on the lead and I would only let him off the lead once you are at the destination where he can run safely. My dogs are good with other dogs except when on lead and Moto can be aggressive if the other dog is unfriendly. Moto will make a lot of noise when another dog walks by but so do alot of other Jack Russels, it

just seems to be something they do.

They both sleep outside in a kennel, with blankies of course!! They have been brought up being around the family constantly, so I think any family that will keep my boys outside away from them will have really unhappy dogs and this can lead to whining, howling and digging for attention. And anyway, I wouldn't let them go to a home that will do that to them. My dogs really are super friendly and once they have said hello to any visitor will go and do their own thing, whether that be sleeping or playing. They are not


I have never given them bones to eat and have never ever fed them off my plate, but I do give them treats when they have done something good or just for a treat.

I’m sure there is other stuff I have left out, so if there is anything you would specifically like to know, please ask. I would love for you to meet them so u can see them for yourself and am willing to bring them to you at any time. We can meet at a field if u like.

Herewith are my contact details, Sharon Olivier - 074 4639790 or (021) 559 6053. I'd rather not give my address out. I will be leaving mid to end July, but my boys will be with my mother Dyan Upton if they have still not found homes. She is contactable on (021) 534 0700 work and same land line as mine above for home.

Yours faithfully

Sharon, Gordy and Moto!

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