Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bushmen arrested for wildlife killings

Sunday Argus - 8-7-2007
Bushmen arrested for wildlife killings

POLICE in Botswana said yesterday they had arrested 21 San Bushmen for hunting and killing several indangered animal species inside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
They hunted and killed the animals on donkeys and horses, using using bows and arrows
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Just fining indigenous people may not be the answer to the problem. Indigenous people need to be educated. They need to understand why it is no longer allowed to kill more than they need to eat and they need to know what to hunt. They also need to be protected against exploitation by poachers.
Because of the dwindling wildlife, these people can be used as protectors of game like game or indigenous rangers. Perhaps they can be taught game farming where they can continue with their indigenous lifestyle, but without depleting the wildlife reserve. The minute these people use modern conveniences and guns, they can no longer classed as indigenous. When that happens they may as well be dealt with according to law.

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