Sunday, May 31, 2009

If you feel the need to shoot; do it with a camera.

  • While browsing through the magazine shelves at our local magazine retailer, I stumbled upon “The African Hunter” magazine. While looking through the glossy pages about hunting in South Africa, I noticed that the authors and publishers are from Zimbabwe. Anthony Williams and Dr. Don Heath. What a cheek. Zimbabwe lost 90% of its wildlife during the Mugabe starvation rule, now they are cashing in on our South African natural heritage.
This magazine is being widely displayed on the South African magazine racks.

A quick web search revealed that there are a number of hunting magazines and organizations that are only benefiting foreigners or are only sold overseas.

It appears that our heritage is still being stripped by foreigners for trophies, sport or foreign gain. Who are the losers? The African people!

The argument that game hunting provides needed jobs is not true. Wildlife Safari tourism can provide even more jobs. If a game farmer claims he can not survive without offering hunting for sport, his farm should be taken from him and given to someone who can turn it into a game farm.
No animal should be culled for sport.

Other overseas magazines are found under titles like include
  • Sports Afield Hunting Magazine (California)
Feature articles cover hunting for species such as trophy deer, bear, bighorn sheep, elk, caribou, Cape buffalo, lion, and leopard.

Other Internet titles include:

  • Hunt South Africa

  • Hunting South Africa Eastern Cape plains game

  • Trophy Hunting in Africa Come & Hunt for Deers, Antelopes, Lions, Buffalo's, Elephants & More

  • Game Hunting Safaris Big five and Plains game hunting. Trophy hunting South Africa

What makes a person love killing beautiful rare defenseless animals? Could it be that they are murderers who do not find an outlet for their passion in real life?
Some of them may even call themselves Christians and go to church on Sundays.

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