Thursday, May 26, 2011

The foot of Table Mountain is where evolution and involution meet.

It is difficult to find the true average level of consciousness or intelligence of people in today’s world. Some developed areas are amazingly closed to new ideas whereas some undeveloped areas show an amazing sense of spiritualism and intelligence. Humanity evolved since the Alice Bailey books were written, yet here in Africa many of the unthinking hoards, referred to as: ‘The people’ have not yet evolved past the stage of stoning their victims. Blood sacrifice (animal and human) is still the norm among some tribes, and there are still cases where witches are burnt or human and animal body parts are used for magic.

Here, in the ‘third world’ we still find the animal-man who is a descendant from a group of people who live a day-to-day life and keep no possessions and gather only what they need for the day. They live on the city streets, the urban bush, and their lifestyles seem to have changed little from centuries ago. Yet life robbed them from the freedom of nature. Life robbed them also from that relationship with the wild, the bush, and the rapport they had with animals. It robbed them of the magic of existence and replaced it with a fight for survival in the squalor of city streets.

Their dangers are no longer that of wild animals but sharp or poisonous objects found it garbage cans. The need to hunt for food has been replaced by a desire to obtain alcohol so they can forget the reality of life.

When baboons evolved to the same level, and navigated the uncertain ground of backyards with garbage cans, they were shot because humans need that the demarcation between animal and man remains in tact.

Here at the foot of Table Mountain is where the line of devolution and evolution meets.

It is here where an ugly reality of neglect, animal cruelty and misunderstanding plays out.

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